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We bought a boat!

We have looked for a boat to live in for years! In Norway, and now in Gran Canaria. Every time we thought we had found our home, something came up. For example, we have visited boats filled with water, very old pictures in the ad, a broken deck to fit a jacuzzi, reluctance to lift it for full check etc. We didn’t have a lot of money, but were willing to upgrade her as long as the “base” seemed ok. We had just checked 2 boats in Las Palmas, but decided they were not the right ones for us. Then I saw an ad for a steel boat. I knew Peter had talked about a steel boat. I told him about it, and we decided to check it out, mostly for fun.

So, the day arrived. We went to Las Palmas when Enzo was at school. And we both really liked it. A small, Reinke super 10. A steelboat, with 2 bedrooms, and a big bathroom. Plenty of room outdoors. We went there a second time with an inspector. Unfortunately, he was not really accurate in his price estimates for fixing her up. Nor did he find the expensive problems (what we learned the next few months). But, happily unaware, we made our offer a couple of days later.

We sat in a cafe in Puerto de Mogan when we talked to the owners. They accepted our offer! This is the time when the first tears appeared. The boat has given us many. Both good and bad. Enzo was so happy when he heard it was ours!

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