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Starting our boatlife & a tribute to Spiro!

So, I finally have the time and energy to update the blog from scratch. It has taken us 6 months to fully “land” in our new lifestyle. We moved in even though the boat was not finished. The first night, we were all exhausted from clearing out our big rental house. We ended up on mattresses on the floor in the saloon. No sofa, no bathroom, no TV, no running water etc etc. After the first night we noticed water in the bilge. Not a good start. But luckily, it was just fresh water from a leaking window. We had made sure that Enzo’s room were done. All he needed to be happy was the TV and computer, which Peter fixed the following days. Happy kid – happy parents:)

The following weeks were turbulent. We felt freedom for the first time (not renting), happiness from the ocean and positive people around us. But also sad times, friends lost their boat in a storm., and we witnessed injured sailors coming in to the marina. The worst of all, was to see our beloved family member Spiro (our Portuguese waterdog) getting sick. Strangely enough, we started to see a change as soon as we moved into the boat. His appetite was low, and he was weak with a fever. The following 2 months, we carried him to the grass, prepared his favorite food and woke up several times a night to bring him water. We tried everything and visited the vet several times. Just before new year’s eve, we got the message that he was filled with tumors. The vet gave him a few weeks. We had seen him suffer for so long, and didn’t want him to go though the stress with fireworks, so we needed to let him go. The following moths were so difficult, we were devastated. One of the reasons we choose boatlife was to give Spiro the chance to spend life on the beach and in the water.

We still tried to enjoy our new lifestyle to the fullest, for Enzo. We had barbeque on the boatroof, pizza on deck under the stars, looked for marinelife and went snorkeling.

6 months later – we made the right choice!


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